Complying with this DATA PROCESSING POLICY is mandatory and it will be strictly enforced by AGRIGLOBAL MARKET in its capacity as LIABLE PARTY for personal data processing, it is also mandatory for third parties acting on behalf of AGRIGLOBAL MARKET, or for those which, without acting on behalf of AGRIGLOBAL MARKET, process personal data as provided by the company in their capacity of PARTY IN CHARGE.

AGRIGLOBAL MARKET in its capacity as LIABLE PARTY, and PARTIES IN CHARGE, understood as employees, contractors and suppliers, must comply with and abide by this AGRIGLOBAL MARKET’S PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING POLICY, in compliance with their duties and activities, even upon completion of any type of legal, commercial, labor or any other relationship with the company.

AGRIGLOBAL MARKET is committed with the confidentiality and safety of the data that it processes; and it ensures that its workers, contractors, suppliers and people with which it has a commercial or legal relationship, are committed with strict confidentiality in respect to the data processed.

If you have questions pertaining to the use of your personal information, please contact us using the contact data provided in the section “HOW TO CONTACT US,” at the end of this document.


For the purposes of the execution of the PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING POLICY here in, the following definitions will apply:

  • AUTHORIZATION. Prior, express and informed consent of the data HOLDER to process the data.
  • DATA. Any information related or which may be related to one or more individuals, determined or determinable.
  • IN CHARGE OF PROCESSING. Natural or legal, public or private persons, which by itself or in association with others, processes data on behalf of the LIABLE PARTY.
  • LIABLE FOR PROCESSING. Natural or legal, public or private persons, which by itself or in association with others makes decisions regarding the database and/or data processing.
  • HOLDER. Natural person whose personal data are subject to process.
  • PROCESSING. Any operation or group of operations regarding personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulationor deletion.


Personal information which we may compile about you is divided in the following over all categories:

a) Information provided to AGRIGLOBAL MARKET:

The use of the services enabled by AGRIGLOBAL requires SUPPLIERS and BUYERS (here in after, the USERS ) to provide the following types of information:

  • Personal contact information require to register in AGRIGLOBAL’S Platform, in the capacity as USER, including name, address, phone number, e-mail, position, among others.
  • Information regarding the business activity performed by the USER, such as name of the company, type of business and industry, details of the corporate registration and information about its commercial license, permits to conduct its activities, among others.
  • Financial and credit information to process payments with international financial entities.
  • Data to have access to information systems: users, IP, passwords, profiles, etc.
  • Products’ catalogue and specifications.


AGRIGLOBAL informs that data provided by the holders will be processed as confidential and for the execution of commercial relationships, with the following purposes:

1. Verifying your identity and performing security checks, KYC (KnowYour Client)and against money laundering andverifyingbackgroundsto set up user accounts.

2. Configuring/ managing user accounts, including providing identifications to log in and develop a Platform profile.

3. Providing client support service to users, responding to enquiries and managing claims and/or conflicts.

4. Facilitating communication among USERS through the Platform, processing transactions and liquidations among Buyers and Sellers that are made using the Platform.

5. Undertaking research or statistical analysis to improve the Platform’s content and design.

6. Sending commercial, advertising, or promotional information about the products and/or services, events and/or promotions to the physical mail, e-mail, cellphone or mobile, via text messages or any other similar and/or digital means of communication, with the purpose of promoting, inviting, addressing, informing and overall carrying out campaigns or commercial or adverting promotions by AGRIGLOBAL.

7. Sharing and exchanging personal and financial information, as well as information regarding the obligations acquired by the USERS through AGRIGLOBAL with affiliates, parent companies, partners and/or financial entities, assignees or investors abroad.

8. Communicating, transferring and/or transmitting personal data in the country or abroad, as consequence of an agreement, law or legal relationship that requires it, or to implement cloud-based computing services.

9. Facilitating the execution of the contractual, pre-contractual and commercial obligations acquired by the USERS through AGRIGLOBAL.


AGRIGLOBAL may only collect, store, use or circulate personal data the reasonable and necessary time, per the purposes that justify processing the data, and in compliance with provisions applicable to the relevant matters and to administrative, accounting, tax, legal and historical aspects of the information.

Once the purposes of the data processing have been fulfilled, and not with standing the legal provisions in contrary, the data in its possession will be deleted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, data shall be kept whenever required to comply with a legal or contractual obligation.


AGRIGLOBAL may subcontract third parties to process certain functions or information. Whenever third parties are effectively subcontracted to process personal information, or personal information is provided to third parties service providers.

AGRIGLOBAL warns said third parties of the need to protect personal information with appropriate safety measures, prohibiting them from using the information for their own benefit and requests them to not disclose personal information to others, protecting it with suitable mechanisms, such as confidentiality policies and non-disclosure agreements.


AGRIGLOBAL stores its own cookies and third parties’cookies with the purpose of adapting the contents to your interest and facilitating the navigation.

AGRIGLOBAL uses PROPRIETARY COOKIES that control traffic and appropriate data communication, maintain the settings, identify browsing sessions (for the servers to recognize, even if the user goes from onepage to another one, that it is the same browsing session of a user), access restricted sections and use security features while browsing.

Through its platform, AGRIGLOBAL may collect statistical information of the USER by storing cookies on the visitor’s hardware with the purpose of gathering that information and submitting it to statistical treatment in favor of AGRIGLOBAL. Whenever the user reconnects to the server, it will recognize the number stored in the “cookie,” as it has been indicated, providing anonymous referred information.

If the USER does not want us to use COOKIES in the provision of our services, this option must be disabled in the fixed or mobile devices’ configuration. Nevertheless, once this option has been disabled, AGRIGLOBAL cannot the availability of all the services enabled on the platform.


AGRIGLOBAL will use commercially reasonable security methods to prevent unauthorized access to the Sites, to maintain data accuracy and to ensure the correct use of the information stored in its platform.

AGRIGLOBAL informs its USERS that the information in their account will be accessible, editable and verifiable and it will be protected by a password assigned by the account holder.

In consequence, we recommend not to disclose your password to third parties. Our staff will never ask for your password in a non-requested phone call, or on a non-requested e-mail. If you share a computer with other people, you should opt out from sharing your login information (e.g., user ID and password) in that shared computer. Remember to close the session in your account and to close your browser’s window at the end of your session.


AGRIGLOBAL may modify this DATA PROCESSING POLICY at any time. The updated version of this policy will be made available to employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and the public in general, on the following URL:

If changes are made to the formal part of the procedures, such as changes in the address, phone number, e-mail of contact, URL, or area in charge, those changes will be reflected in the document and communicated in the Company’s website or through suitable mechanisms which allow consulting the documents.

If due to legal regulations, changes are made to the data processing purposes, it will be notified to the data holders registered in the company’s databases. The last version of the DATA PROCESSING POLICY and the relevant form to obtain a new authorization from the users will be made available to them.


This section of the DATA PROCESSING POLICY is only applicable if you use the AGROGLOBAL Platform or the services covered by this Policy in a country which is a State member of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA).


Regarding the provision of the AGRIGLOBAL Platform and its services, we may transfer your personal information to countries outside the EEA, and even to countries which may not provide the same level of protection to the data that your country of origin, such as the United States of America and China.

Nevertheless, AGRIGLOBAL will take adequate measures in order to ensure that the recipients of your personal information are subject to non-disclosure obligations, and we will implement adequate measures to ensure that your personal information stays protected in accordance with this DATA PROCESSING POLICY.


If you are a resident of the EEA, you also have the following rights in respect to data processing. The data holder may exercise them at any moment, using our data of contact provided in the section HOW TO CONTACT US,at the end of the document herein.

a) The right to have access, correct and/or update personal information.

b) The right to oppose to the processing of personal information, whenever it is based on our legitimate interest; and apart, the right to oppose to direct marketing.

c) The right to request to us restrictions on the processing of your personal information, or to request the portability of your personal information.

d) The right to revoke the authorization and/or to request the deletion of the data, whenever the principles, rights and guarantees for adequate data processing are not respected.

The revocation and/or deletion will proceed whenever the competent data processing authority determines that the LIABLE PARTY or the PARTY IN CHARGE have incurred in conducts which are contrary to the law pertaining to the data processing.

e) The right to file complaints to the competent authority for breaching current legal regulations on data processing.


This Data Processing Policy will become effective on __________

The Personal Data stored, used or transmitted will be kept on the AGRIGLOBAL’S databases for as long as it is necessary to comply with the purposes mentioned herein.


This document has been drafted in the English language and this version will be considered official. In the event of doubt or discrepancy, what is expressed in the language considered official will constitute the only interpretation criteria.


In order to process requests, claims and complaints formulated by any data holder in the exercise of the rights contemplated by Law, and by this DATA PROCESSING POLICY, AGRIGLOBAL has the following assistance channels in place:

  • Requests, claims and complaints must be sent to the e-mail
  • Response to requests, claims and complaints through the platform, in section“__________”